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Student Testimonial

I found the Six Sigma course extremely interesting and appropriate for our times, as US companies in many industries strive to regain a competitive edge in the global economy of this century. The format and the general layout of the topics was very well designed and easy to follow. The tools introduced in this course were extremely powerful and the know-how about how to identify, assess and manage opportunities for improvement was invaluable.

The convenience of being able to view the sessions on-line, along with the availability of the instructor to answer any questions, made the entire learning experience more effective for someone like myself with a tight schedule in today's fast paced world. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in management, decision making and problem solving who wants to take their company to the next level by implementing an ongoing business performance improvement strategy throughout their organization.


Random Heresy

What purpose, if any, does Six Sigma serve in economic downturns? Full disclosure: I teach and consult in Six Sigma and related areas, and you’re reading this article because you’re interested in Six Sigma, so we may not be the most objective people to assess this, but in this article, I w


News Flash

Six Sigma's lead instructor Steven Ouellette wrote an article with Dr. Jeffrey Luftig on "The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business."



Six Sigma Online's lead instructor Steven Ouellette was profiled in the June 2008 issue of Quality Digest magazine. If you want to learn more about Steve's peculiar view of the world, as well as what he studied for a year in Europe, read the profile online.