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What is the Optional Slide Guide?

During the course the instructor teaches from PowerPoint slides.  Some students find if helpful to have a copy of the slides upon which they can take notes as they go through the course.  For a small additional charge (that really just covers printing and shipping costs), you can get a copy along with your order.  An example page of the printed format is shown below.


Random Heresy

One of the most useful diagnostic tools for understanding what is going on in a process is the statistical process control chart (SPC). This is also a frequently misunderstood tool, and these misunderstandings lead to misdirected effort during a Six Sigma process, resulting in lost time and money. All


News Flash

Six Sigma's lead instructor Steven Ouellette wrote an article with Dr. Jeffrey Luftig on "The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business."



Six Sigma Online's lead instructor Steven Ouellette was profiled in the June 2008 issue of Quality Digest magazine. If you want to learn more about Steve's peculiar view of the world, as well as what he studied for a year in Europe, read the profile online.




Home FAQs Course Questions What is the Optional Slide Guide?